As a film student and now a filmmaker, I am really starting to understand the importance of light.  Light is an essential element to telling the story you want to convey.  The brightness and color of light can take a bland moment and make it extraordinary; like a kiss in front of fireworks or the sun setting. When we are shooting anything we are always conscious of the light and asking ourselves these three questions. Is there enough light? Is there too much light? Is it color balanced correctly for the story we are telling?

Lighting for a wedding can be quite a challenge as the conditions can change very quickly and without warning. For example we are filming the first dance at a wedding reception, and a minute into the dance, the lights turn to a dark purplish/magenta, which is obviously cool for the atmosphere, but bad because we now need to adjust white balance and aperture (yay de-clicked rings).  For us to adjust the white balance, we have to stop recording.  So Lauren and I either have to allow the dance to finish and then adjust before the next dance or signal each other to adjust one at a time to have continuous footage. Although this may seem like a small problem, I guarantee as the bride and groom watch this for the first time, it can be a little jarring, which we obviously do not want!

So filmmakers when you are planning to meet with brides always remember to talk about the lighting.  This will be once less thing you have to always REACT to. Brides, always try to be open to suggestions about lighting (we promise not to change your overall plan).  To be clear when I say suggestions I mean for example having your makeup done by a window or during the reception making sure the lighting is set before the DJ starts the dances or speeches, I guarantee you will be happier, and so will your videographer and photographer.