Congratulations to all the newly engaged couples out there! The Holiday season is always full of those exciting and surprising engagements (talk about a great gift!). I love how more and more guys are understanding just how big of a moment this is for their girlfriends. It’s a moment we women have often wondered and dreamed about, and therefore it’s important to us that this moment be captured! So “Well done!” to all you men out there who thought ahead and had someone taking pictures, or better yet, taking a video of it!

The same sentiments are applied to your wedding day as well. Your wedding day is a big day! You spend months, or even years, planning and preparing for this one day. While I understand that weddings can be very expensive (been there, done that!), I also understand how quickly the actual wedding day flies by. Truth be told, it often ends up being a blur to most couples, and having a video of your day will allow you to look back & re-experience the special moments of your wedding!

For my husband and me, getting our wedding day on video was a must. And we are so glad we did! As beautiful as the pictures turned out, they still weren’t able to capture the sounds & emotions of the day. The memories of getting ready with my bridesmaids, the sound and sight of my handsome husband speaking his vows to me, the wonderful speeches and precious first dances, the cake cutting, the joy, the laughter… the video captured it all!

The #1 regret of brides is not hiring a videographer for their wedding. It is for this reason that I recommend that you plan to budget a videographer as a part of your big day from the start! A lot of times the response to a videographer is, “If we have money left over, then we’ll get one.” However more times than not, there won’t be money “left over.” Here is a great article from the Huffington Post with the reasons why not getting a videographer was her biggest regret:


Don’t be one of those brides who look back & regret not having hired a videographer. It’s so worth the money!! These are precious memories that you cannot get back, and it’s just not quite the same looking at pictures.